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    KC Blue Lions Tribute to Our Graduating Seniors 2020

    KC Blue Lions is proud to recognize our senior KC Blue Lion Players. We will be posting pictures of our seniors who have played for Blue Lions over the years. We are sorry that you will not be able to experience a regular high season but we wish all the best for you in the future. 


    We would like to announce we are planning to start training on the field again starting Tuesday, May 19th!

    Expectations:  We will need to follow socially responsible guidelines and would like to let players and parents know what to expect:

    1. Each training session will be limited to a 9:1 player to coach ratio
    2. Parents will drop players off 10 minutes early to get ready and must stay in their vehicles during the practice session.  Parents may also leave and come back at pickup times.
    3. Players coming in will be directed to get ready in one zone, while players going out will be directed to take equipment off in a different zone. 
    4. Drills will be controlled to limit contact between players as much as possible.  Lines and reps will be spaced out accordingly.  That means most of our training will focus around individual shooting, dodging, stickwork, and footwork.  Live contact drills can be expected once guidelines permit them.  We are monitoring many different sports organizations closely to stay at the front of all developments within youth/ high school sports. 
    5. We will ask all players attending to please respect these rules.  It will take some discipline by everyone involved to comply to spacing  requirements. 
    6. We understand different families have different opinions about the COVID-19 situation.  Our goal is to make sure every attending player and family is comfortable with the training environment.   

    Other Notes:

    1. Our training location will be Sunnyside park until a better field option opens up.  Currently, the schools will not allow anyone to reserve fields.  Once a better option does open up, you can expect we will transition to a new field. 
    2. If group sizes are relaxed, we will create larger groups as needed.
    3. If training guidelines are relaxed, you can expect scrimmages and live play to be incorporated into training sessions. 
    4. We will continue to be as transparent as possible with our programming.  Our staff does not want to promise or schedule anything that may not able to be fulfilled. 

    Below are the current dates and schedule for our training.  Please remember that a training session in Session 1 may look different than a training session in Session 2.  Our staff will take the proper steps to make sure each session is maximized given the current guidelines. 

    Each Session is $90.  You may register at  Please continue to pay attention to emails.  When we think it is reasonable to pursue any tournaments or games, we will make sure to let you know!

    Dates: Session 1

    May 19,21,26,28 June 2,4, 9, 11

    Session 2

    June 16,18,23,25, 30 July 2,7,9

    The schedule would be: (Tues we will have 2 groups of 9 at each time}


    3:00 -3:50 High School boys Juniors and Seniors

    Coaches Garrett, Colbert, Reidy, Peterson

    4:00-4:50 High School boys Freshman and Sophomores

    Coaches Garrett, Colbert, Reidy, Peterson

    5:00-5:50 High School Boys Incoming Freshmen

    Coaches Garrett, Colbert, Reidy, Peterson

    6:00-6:50 High School Boys Incoming Freshmen

    Coaches Garrett, Colbert, Reidy, Peterson


    3:00-3:50 High School Girls

    Coaches Coppinger, Colbert, Garrett

    4:00-4:50 Youth Girls

    Coaches Coppinger, Colbert, Garrett

    5:00-5:50 Youth Boys Grades 7-8

    Coaches, Colbert, Garrett, Looby, Peterson

    6:00-6:50 Youth Boys Grades 5-6

    Coaches, Colbert, Garrett, Looby, Peterson

    Register Below!

    Register Here

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