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    This seven-week progressive clinic explores the nuances of every position in the sport. Build on skills taught in the session prior to perfect your fundamentals at your specific position. This clinic will have position-specific coaches for Attackmen, Midfielders, Defenders, and Goalies.


    Concepts Taught by Position:

    Attack - Dodging to score. Setting up your dodge/reading your defender. Developing your first step. Getting to the 5x5. Attacking from the 5x5. Protecting your stick inside. Finishing around the cage. Finishing from the 5x5. Finishing while driving from X. Finishing with time and room.

    Midfield - Dodging to score: Reading a defender’s approach. Developing your first step. Dodging downhill. Attacking the upfield hand. Setting up the re-dodge. Finishing down the alley. Finishing around your defender. Finishing on sweeps. Finishing with time and room. Increasing your shot angle.

    Defense - Approaching a dodger. Defensive stance and hand positioning. Basic footwork and drop steps. Taking away topside. Using the trail technique. Defending GLE. The angle of pursuit. Turning dodgers at GLE (Lifts and holds for boys). Defending the 5x5, inside rolls, and question marks.

    Goalie - Introducing arc play. Hand positioning during the save. Bringing your head to the ball. Tennis ball work. Developing strengths, limited weaknesses in mechanics. Communication. Stepping outside the ball and attacking the ball.

    Come out and learn the game of lacrosse!

    Players will learn the basics of the game during this seven-week session:

    • Passing
    • Catching
    • Shooting
    • Fundamentals 

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